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Update compiler scope for Zoom Search

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  • Update compiler scope for Zoom Search

    On Zoom Search's own search page, accessible via the search field in this very forum and from your web site, for example:"unique words found"

    results returned appear to indicate that the current scope of the corpus being indexed excludes v. 8 documentation, not to mention v. 7.

    The vast majority of pages currently returned are old, and relate to v. 6 or earlier Zoom Search Engine releases, at least concerning the v. 8-related queries I tend to send to the engine, generally after having exhaustively consulted the current v. 8 help system delivered with each release.

    Could you look into this for a future indexation run?

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    The main culprit here is our DESC file for the Users Guide is out of date, and so it's given the old title ("Users Guide for Zoom Search Engine V6"). This will be fixed. The content being searched however is already up to date and actually for V8.

    Other V6 and V7 references would be from the Forums, which have more posts than the V8 forum so are likely to return more results. In many cases they are still valid so we don't quite want to downrank those results on version alone.
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      Thanks for the clarification.