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Synonyms: Some work, some don't

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  • Synonyms: Some work, some don't

    I currently have a synonym file with about 200 entries. Looking at our search logs shows that our users constantly search for '4112' instead of 'asx4112'. To reduce the number of 'not found' returns the synonyms have been used with Word=4112 and Synonym=asx4112.
    This is done for a few hundred entries. Some entries are for PDF files linked using .desc files, others are normal .htm files.

    When doing searches a lot are ignored, even though the search term is in the documents. Any ideas?

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    Did you rebuild the index after adding the synonym?


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      Hi David, yes. The index is rebuilt every 3 months. Prior to rebuilding the index the synonyms list is updated based on the findings from the previous 3 months searches. I'll run it again now just to confirm it.


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        Found something else while trying to solve this.
        I use a number of NAS devices from QNAP. There is a newly released tool called 'QSirch for Desktop'. When running Zoom there is a conflict with this tool, it somehow blocks the access to image files when the index is running. I normally have four known errors when I index, with QSirch running I had 288. After uninstalling QSirch it returned to 4 errors.

        Thought this may be useful information for you.


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          On the original issue, the synonyms are still not working. Typically the string I am seeking is in the header of the page.


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            We've never heard of QSirch and have no idea why it blocks access to some files (I assume your image files are JPG, PNG files and not disk images?)

            Can you EMail us your Zoom configuration file and a link to the site where we can see the problem.


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              This was resolved over email. In short, the important issue with setting up synonyms is that the WORD must appear in the content, while the SYNONYM does not have to. If you have it the other way around, it will not work.
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