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JUMP to match and Highlight Problem

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  • JUMP to match and Highlight Problem

    Hello Passmark I paid for your software zoom search engine v8 and I have a few problems.

    ​​​i have not been able to use the Jump to match on my platform because it doesn't always work.
    ​​​​ it works with single words , but when you type in multiple words or multi words it will not highlight or jump all the time. It doesn't work with multi word search and I don't know why especially when the words are separated by another word.

    The Second issue is this


    When you activate the option "Words matched in search results" this ignores words in "Word skip list" such as "the", "of", "in", "is" But when I activate highlight, the words still highlight. So if for instance I have a document with 100 'of' used the word of is HIGHLIGHTED 100 TIMES AND THIS IS A HUGE EYE SAW.

    How can I fix this ? Kindly assist me in fixing 1 or both of this problems this has prevented me from really enjoying your software. Because I read on your website your Software can Jump to match accurately. I am left bewildered that multi word search doesn't work.


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    We received your support email regarding the same issue, and I have attended to it there.
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
    Zoom Search Engine


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      I have sent a reply . With links to the website


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        I am yet to get a reply on the mail. A user asked a similar question in 2015 and got no reply on the forum.

        My question is, Zoom Search provided an option for word Skip list. Implying that if I put words like [of, the] inside the wordskip list the words will not be searched for.

        Eg a user searches for Abuse of Court process.

        And the word [of] is in the word Skip list.

        The results will not search for [of] which is good.

        ​​​​​​So results will contain Abuse Court Process. This is good.

        The problem comes when You enable jump to match and Highlight. So when I open the document, I will see The WORDS ABUSE OF COURT PROCESS all highlighted in yellow. How can I make the Highlight.js respect the Word skiplist and not highlight the word [OF] which occurred so many times in my documents and is distracting to see it highlighted.

        I have not been able to use Zoom Search on my website since I paid for the professional license because of this problem.


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          We've replied to your email.

          In case anyone else is having this issue -- the skip list only applies to the indexing process and the search results. It is not applied to the jump to highlighting, where it was desired by some users to have all words entered in the query to be highlighted where possible.

          In your scenario, you would achieve the outcome you use exact phrase searching and enclose your query with double quotation marks. This will then only highlight the phrase, and jump to the first occurrence of the full phrase, not every occurrence of the individual words.
          Wrensoft Web Software
          Sydney, Australia
          Zoom Search Engine