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Custom Meta Fields Character Limits

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  • Custom Meta Fields Character Limits

    I am indexing many old pdf files and I need to search them by locations that I have. I have successfully created the Desc. files. The problem is that I have more characters than the 255 limit that is on the custom meta fields. Is there any way of getting around this? I tried creating a custom meta field titled "Keywords" trying to get around the limit but that did not work either.Thanks for any help and ideas.

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    Also, it is possible to not show the custom meta fields in the search results page?


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      The CGI platform supports custom meta text fields of up to 65535 characters (I have made a note that the documentation needs to be updated). So you would have to switch to CGI.

      You can hide the custom meta fields from the search results with CSS. e.g.

      .result_metaname_AUTHOR { display: none; }

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        Ray, thank you so much for the reply and answers. I will look into the CGI platform. I am also trying to see if I could put all the locations into "ZOOMWORDS". The display: none code is also very helpful. Thank you for the great product.