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Using Pipe Character in Recommendations

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  • Using Pipe Character in Recommendations

    If you use recommendations then you know that the vertical pipe character is used to separate the different parts of the recommendation and you can't really use it in your description or title. This has always annoyed me, but I recently figured out a workaround. If you go to the Windows character map and search "Box Drawing Light Vertical," you can copy that character and use it where you want the pipe. It looks just like it and will not mess up the recommendations.

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    I can imagine this works OK for UTF-8 (or UTF-16) character sets, but not so well if your web site uses other character sets.
    But most sites are UTF-8 now.


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      After investigating the issue, I can confirm the problem with pipe characters is only related to Importing and Exporting the recommended list.

      It otherwise indexes OK and should work fine as a recommended link entry, if you don't need to import/export your recommended list.

      Understand that this can be a problem and we'll fix the export feature for the next build to escape the pipe character. However, this means previously exported recommended lists (containing pipe characters) would still have this problem.

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