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How to Skip Subfolders

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  • How to Skip Subfolders

    Is it possible to configure the Start Options to index only the folders I specify, and not their subfolders?

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    Yes, you can enter the sub-folders into the block list.
    Or you can select the "Follow all links on this page only" option in the Advanced start point window.

    But on many sites the whole concept of folders is blurred with URL re-writing, so the answer really depends on the particular site. For example, you can have a URL with folders when no folder actually exists.


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      I am not finding this feature. Can you post a screen shot? Also just FYI in case it makes a difference, I am using offline mode and indexing files on our network server, not a website.


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        I didn't find the "Follow all links on this page only" option, but I did manually enter the sub-folders to skip, and it is working now. Thank you.


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          "Follow all links on this page only" option only applies to Spider Mode. So no, you would not be able to find that option for Offline Mode.

          And yes, the only way to achieve what you want in Offline Mode is to enter the names of the folders you want to exclude under "Configure"->"Skip options"->"Page and folder skip list". Click "Help" for examples.
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