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Recommended option not working

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  • Recommended option not working

    I've had Zoom Search Engine working with categories, custom weightings, etc etc for years. I am for the first time trying "Recommended" option but it is not working for me.

    I have entered the info (one item) into the Recommended Links list as per instructions. After I run a new index a "zoom_recommened.zdat" file is created and I have verified it's upload to my server. When I view the file with a text editor my word term is there with a number following it (there Is no URL in the recommended zdat file).

    However... When I perform a search using the "recommended" term I get normal results. The page I want as #1 is listed as the 10th item.

    Help please.....

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    Anyone??? Please.


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      After making a new index did you upload ALL the index files to the server, including the updated settings.zdat?
      Can you try V8 instead?
      We no longer support V7.


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        Yes.. I'll upgrade and try that. Will report back so please check back in a few days. Thanks for a response. I love Zoom and I recommend it a lot.


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          Seems V7 is the latest version for me. I'm on Max OSX, not windows. You are not supporting the latest version for OSX?


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            Ignore.... I'm emailing support...