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Limiting retries on HTTP errors

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  • Limiting retries on HTTP errors

    I suspect this may apply to ZOOM 8 (which is on my wish list at the moment) too. I was doing an incremental on a search index the other day and ZOOM encountered a HTTP Error 429 (yes, unusual and not necessarily a ZOOM issue - could have been the server or site it was trying to spider).

    I had to kill off the operation because ZOOM kept trying "forever".

    There doesn't appear to be a way to limit retries on error. Is that right?

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    Can you show us the log messages where it is retrying.

    HTTP 429 is not recognised so I'm surprised it would be retrying. It should simply abort the URL, but I haven't gone back to look at V7 code to confirm.

    The formal retrying mechanism in Zoom should only retry once. At least that's the case with V8.

    Perhaps it's something else that appears as a retry, e.g. is there a redirect being invoked?
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