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Zoom 6 and PDF Keywords

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  • Zoom 6 and PDF Keywords

    (I wrote this yesterday and posted it, I thought. But today I can't find the post. So maybe I didn't post it. If I'm confused and reposting...forgive me!)

    I've joined a team that uses a...what you call "CD-based" mixture of .html and .pdf files to deliver training course content. The fellow who was here before me is long gone, so I am trying to (a) learn Zoom and (b) figure out how he had things set up so I can troubleshoot them when needed. (Plus I'm leading my own "new version" team for the next release...) Anyway...

    Our writers use Microsoft Word and Powerpoint to create the content then convert them to the .pdf's. I'm doing the .html files. Then I run Zoom (version 6) to index the site and create the search tool. Here's what I'm having issues with....

    * I've sussed out how MS Title and Subj become Acrobat's Title and Desc and how Zoom puts those into the zoom_pageinfo.js

    * I've figured out how the .html <title> and <meta> tags turn into Zoom's title and desc in zoom_pageinfo.js

    * I've got grasp of how to set up Zoom "categories" that get turned into the grey [Tags] in the display.

    What I can't figure out is this:

    MS has a property field called "tags" that get turned into Acrobat's "keywords" field. Zoom seems to say that it reads that Acrobat "keyword" field when Scan options > click.pdf > click Configure > check Retrieve internal meta information > Click OK is done. (And--as I explained--it is grabbing the "title" and "desc" fields.) However, although I can find the "title" and "desc" text, I cannot find the text from the "keywords" field anywhere in any of the Zoom-generated files.

    So am I missing something? Does Zoom (6) read the "keyword" field or not? Is there another setting I need to click? Where does it put those keywords if/when it does read them?

    Thanks for the help!


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    Zoom indexes the meta keywords, but it would be in the dictionary (zoom_index.js) file. You also have to make sure "Configure"->"Indexing options"->"Meta keywords" is checked.

    You didn't mention if you are or not able to search for the words themselves in a search query. Or if you are simply just struggling to find them in the index files manually.

    If you still have trouble, there's the possibility there's something unusual about the PDF file formatting in question or the words in question. If you want us to investigate, you can e-mail us the file and we can take a closer look.
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      Thank you for the reply.

      As is usually the case for me, after posting for help, I later have an a-ha! moment and find my own answer. Here's what happened...

      In our system, we want the keywords/tag to show up in grey blocks like the categories do. The previous fellow had altered the Zoom scripts some to allow this to happen and I just assumed that that's the way it worked: The keywords from the .pdf turned into our grey text. But, nope!

      Then, last night--WHILE ASLEEP--I dreamed, "What if that's not what Zoom does? What if those keywords become just 'more text' that gets searched and associated with a file or files?" So I came in, added some silly words to one of my .pdf's, did a Zoom, searched...and bingo! there it was.

      So now I know.


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        Our new slogan will have to be, "Zoom -- It's what dreams are made of"
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