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  • Searchpage Jump back in Firefox

    When i use our "old" Webhelp Documentation, iīm able to jump back in the search after selecting a topic (if it wasnt the right one), so the search result was here again.
    in HTML 5 (Responsive) it isnt possible, when i jump back, the search-page is empty!
    But this only happens in Firefox and Chrome, in IE it is still working.
    So i think itīs a Problem of FF/Chrome, but maybe thereīs a workaround to fix this?
    I tried several cache-topics found in the internet, but none worked for me.
    thank you

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    Not much can be done about this if you're using the JavaScript option. What the browser does with the DOM that has been modified by JavaScript varies from browser to browser.

    If you switch to a server-side solution such as PHP or ASP, then it won't be an issue.
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