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Robohelp 11 HTML5 and Zoomsearch CGI SYNC TOC Problem

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  • Robohelp 11 HTML5 and Zoomsearch CGI SYNC TOC Problem

    We use RH11 Webhelp together Zoomsearch CGI for our documentation-system since years and are very happy. But as a next step i want to upgrade our documentation-system to HTML5.
    I just compiled everything and it is working but there seems to be a problem syncing the TOC.
    When i use a recommended link its working fine but when i use a search-result link, its NOT working?
    I donīt find the difference between these 2 links and so i donīt now how to fix it (does ZS make a difference between a recommended link and a result link?).
    Any experience with this topic in this forum?
    Thank you!

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    Are you re-indexing everything with Zoom?

    The recommended links are based on URL's you entered in the configuration. The indexed/normal result links are based on how the pages were indexed -- so that means the file/folder structure (in offline mode) and the base URL. It's possible your base URL is no longer correct if you have made significant changes to your website. Check these settings.
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      hi thank you, i found the problem. it was a problem with the java-scripts from robohelp.