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Installing Zoom 6 to work with MediaWiki site

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  • Installing Zoom 6 to work with MediaWiki site

    I'm a new user and have just been tasked with setting up a new internal MediaWiki site for our company. Since the search functionality in MediaWiki is not well accepted here, we purchased Zoom a while back but never installed it on our old wiki. Now I'd like to get it installed...but I need help.

    The wiki resides on a 64-bit web server running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, PHP 5.3.28, and MySQL 5.6, and MediaWiki 1.23.1. I have two drives on that server (C: and D. The wiki files are located in this path: D:\Website\mediawiki\Design\.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Where do I install Zoom? On the default C: drive and default path? OR on the D: drive using the default location?
    2. What option do I choose in the wizard when running Zoom Indexer? Create a search engine for an online web site? OR Create a search engine for an Intranet?
    3. What method should I use to index? Spider or Offline?
    4. I want to scan the entire folder (Design folder) for any and all php pages as well as docs, pdfs, images, etc. How do I indicate that in the "Select the folder on your computer to index:" field?
    4. Where do I put the created index files? In the default C:\ drive path? OR where I install it (if it's different from the default)? OR some other place?
    5. Lastly, how do I get MediaWiki to know that this is the search engine I want to use?

    6. I installed the plugins, but I'm still not being given the options to all the various file types in the wizard. So I need some help with this, too.

    I've read the install instructions and manual (a couple of times) and I'm still confused. I've been able create an engine and create a page in the wiki to call the search.php routine, but when I do a search (I do have content in the new wiki), nothing is returned? I'm clearly challenged and would appreciate any help anyone can give me!

    Looking forward to getting this installed and working before I migrate the old wiki to the new wiki.

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    1.) There are two main parts to Zoom. The Indexer installation package (which you download from our website) and the generated index files and search script (created after running the indexer). Which one are you asking about here in regards to installation? The indexer can be installed anywhere, usually on C: drive in your Program Files folder along with your other programs.

    2. and 3.) If you are indexing a Wiki, you should use Spider Mode, and you would be indexing "for an online web site". This is because a wiki is entirely PHP based, and they are dynamically generated web pages which must be accessed via HTTP.

    4.) In Spider Mode, you need to provide a start URL for the spider to begin crawling from. So this would be the URL you access your wiki from in your browser. e.g.

    Now, given you are using spider mode, you need to have some understanding of how this works. A spider crawls links to find more pages to index. It can not automatically "find all files under a folder" (offline mode can do that, but that's not possible when you want to index PHP pages). So make sure you give a URL that has links to other pages of the site, that will allow it to crawl your wiki comprehensively.

    4b.) You put the created index files (that is, the Output Directory) in the web hosted folder. That is, in your website folder. Presuming that:

    Is accessible via your browser as:

    Then by placing your index files in (or setting your Output Directory to):

    You will be able to access your search page as:

    5.) You can create a link to the search URL above. If you want a search box, see this FAQ:
    Q. How do I add search boxes to my web pages?

    6.) You need to enter your license key. What edition of the software is reported under Help->About?
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