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  • All results point back to main search address

    I've installed the search engine and purchased the Pro edition and entered that key. I've run the indexer and it's succeeding at crawling the 1000 pages or so for our intranet. When I go to search at http://[intranet FQDN]/search/query.asp then it's producing the results we're expecting but two problems:

    1) All the results link back to the search page and
    2) The path as shown under each matched result says "http://[intranet FQDN]

    I've removed and reinstalled Zoom Internet and recrawled. Why isn't this linking us to the actual page showing the result?

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    First of all, is "query.asp" a renamed version of our "search.asp" file or is it your own script which wraps ours? With the latter, we can't really be sure what it is doing and how it may have affected the search result output. Check always with the actual "search.asp" file to confirm the behaviour is the same there, before your wrapper page.

    One possible cause for what you're describing would be if you are uploading the search files (the files listed at the end of indexing in the "Required Files" window) manually and you have failed to upload/overwrite all the files, instead, ending up by mixing files from different sessions. For example, if you did not re-upload the "settings.asp" file, then the files on your web server may be using a "settings.asp" file from a prior index.

    All the "Required files" must be updated. The set of index files must be consistent, this means "search.asp", "settings.asp" and all the .zdat files must be from the same indexing session.

    Check this, and if you still have the problem, let us know.

    Ideally if you can give us access to the search page, so that we can see it from here, we would be able to look further. Or better yet, zip up your search files and e-mail them to us.
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