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Match exact words in PDF

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  • Ray
    The "highlight within Acrobat Reader" feature is entirely dependant on Adobe Acrobat Reader. Unfortunately, they only support the ability to search for the keywords individually and not as a phrase (when opening up like this, as opposed to manually entering in the search). So sadly, there's not much we can do about that.

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  • sdweim85
    started a topic Match exact words in PDF

    Match exact words in PDF

    Hi, I have a question pertaining to zoom indexer with Adobe PDF.

    I am using zoom indexer to search through many pdfs on a website. When I put the search phrase in double quotes it finds what I am looking for ex. "John Smith".

    Although, when I click on the result, the PDF opens with every instance of "John" and "Smith" in the search list.

    If I click on a new search in the same pdf document, then select more options, then select match exact word or phrase, it will find only the one instance of "John Smith" instead of every instance of "John" and "Smith."

    Is there a setting in adobe I need to set so it defaults to exact phrase searching? Or a setting in zoom?