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  • Help needed Please

    synonyms if i use the word as i am ding world search ,

    Canada synonyms words

    AB Alberta BC British Columbia
    LB Labrador MB Manitoba
    NB New Brunswick NF Newfoundland
    NS Nova Scotia NU Nunavut
    NW North West Terr. ON Ontario
    PE Prince Edward Is. QC Quebec
    SK Saskatchewen YU Yukon

    Can not exc 100 char ?

    I was thinking this would help direct the right lgbt to the right Country,I was hoping to keep it at a user level to what country thy wish to search in.Is there a work around ? Thank you</

    then the USA and UK and Australia all the same way can this be changed

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    Not sure what you are asking for. Where did you get the idea that it cannot exceed 100 characters? Are you seeing an error message somewhere? (if so, can you quote the error message exactly?) Are you importing from a text file? Are you entering each individually?

    There's a maximum word length of 35 characters as mentioned under "Technical limitations" in the Users Guide. The synonyms have to abide by that as well, as synonyms are also words.

    In your above list, none of the countries are 35 characters long, and I can't really think of one either. Let alone one that is 100 characters long.

    Note also that synonyms are words. "British Columbia" is 2 words (aka a "phrase"), and you cannot use a synonym of "BC" to mean "British Columbia". There should already be an error/warning message in the software which explains this when it is entered. "LB=Labrador" and the rest are fine though.
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      Maybe a bug in ver 7 it will not let me exceed 100 charters, how dos one get by British Columbia I was thinking of doing it this way BritishColumbia ? I have bin adding all the synonyms from a website As it is a lot of work! when i am finished i will shear the out put file completed to every one lol if i am wasting my time please let me know lol ,,,, Update the synonyms are not complete and one have a synonyms.txt thy can give me Thank you
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