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How to impolment MasterNode

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  • Ray
    You don't necessarily need MasterNode to index over 100,000 pages. The CGI version of Zoom would handle that just fine.

    You should only need to look at MasterNode if you are considering indexing over a million pages. This would not be a simple task even if you have all the software and hardware resources to handle it (we're talking about multiple servers). It's not just a matter of hitting a button. The amount of data involved means careful planning and division and maintenance is needed.

    This article addresses the situation in greater detail:

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  • Brittany
    started a topic How to impolment MasterNode

    How to impolment MasterNode

    I am new to master node

    If i was wanting to add servers,That use opensearch or other zoom indexes ,

    how can i get info from using Master node to benefit me

    what do i need to add to my current page, Do i add it as a category

    as i am clearly looking to add over 100.000 pages lol is this some thing i should be considering or looking at