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  • File Indexing Questions

    I am totally now to the Zoom Search Engine and don't understand why the number of indexed files on my website is so low. There are well over 250 html files on the server--in fact, I just added 150 new ones as part of a redesign--but my "Files Indexed" counter only shows 68.

    Is there a way I can specify the specific files I want to index? Some of the old ones will need to be removed soon.

    I'd appreciate any help you could provide.

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    I presume you're not using the Free Edition (which is limited to 50 pages).

    Chances are that you're using Spider Mode, and the pages added to are not being linked to in a crawl-able manner OR the page linking to these new pages is cached. Avoid the latter by enabling "Reload all pages (do not use cache)" under "Configure"->"Spider options"). Note that a "spider" relies on being able to follow links to find pages. So your links need to be search engine friendly (not buried in Flash or JavaScript requiring human interaction).

    More details in this FAQ:

    Note that if you are just indexing static HTML files that do not require dynamic generation (e.g. PHP or ASP), then you could potentially just use Offline Mode and index the files directly from your hard drive. Then there's no spidering or link crawling that you'd need to worry about.

    As for adding specific files you want to index, yes, you can.

    Next to the start spider URL, you can click on the "More" button and add new start points. You can add each individual page one by one, or allow it to spider from these new URLs (there are spider options per start point).
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      Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply. No, I am not using the Free Edition (I purchased the Professional Edition.)

      Anyway, I took your suggestion to use the "More" button and add a new start point. That got the spider going in the right direction, and all of the new html files have been successfully index. Thanks much.