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Search controls don't show values

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  • Search controls don't show values

    I have implemented Zoom search in a redesign concept for my company. Everything works great, but when I do a search, the search form controls do not show me any feedback. For example, after a search, the dropdown always says 'show 10 results per page' (even if I chose 'show 20 results per page' and it is in fact displaying 20 results per page) and the search term input control is always empty - it should display the words I searched on right?

    You can see what I've done here:

    Have I missed something simple perhaps?

    Any feedback would be appreciated!


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    I just took a look and it appears to be working. The search query is retained in the text box and the "per page" dropdown retains the setting as well. So I presume you've fixed it since your post?

    Otherwise I noticed that you are using a wrapping page ("search-cold-jet.php") and perhaps you had a different form on that page than the one that was automatically generated by the "search.php" page.
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