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Restoring removed files from Skip List

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  • Restoring removed files from Skip List

    I had added a couple of pages to the skip list under the Skip Options section. Unfortunately I found that I now need to add those pages back. Merely deleting them from the list didn't resolve the problem. When I index my site the Log is showing that those pages are STILL being skipped. Can anyone assist me with this dilemma?

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    In the Log, the skip message should indicate a reason as to why the page is still being skipped. e.g.

    Skipping (Blocked by extensions)
    Skipping (Blocked by page skip list)

    Tell us what the reason is giving. Assuming that the page is still being skipped by the page skip list, then it is likely that there is another entry in your page skip list that is matching the URL unintentionally.

    For example, while you may have removed an entry for:

    There may be another entry for:

    Which would skip all URLs containing the word "pages". Note that the page skip list is matched partially (substring) against the URL.

    If you still have trouble, provide us with the log message and full URL of the skipped page, and your skip options or configuration file, and we can take a closer look.
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