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    Version used: Version 6.0.1029

    Problem: Synonyms not pulling up the same results.

    I have tried having both:

    Having just:

    And having just:

    I have 3 categories setup, as well as a search being category independent. However if I search for trimmer I get 97 results in 1 of my categories, and if I search for trimmers I get 0 in the same category. The category independent search for trimmer gives 290 results while trimmers gives 20.

    My question is:
    Do synonyms work with category searches, or do you need to pass something in the query string to the cgi search to enable synonyms?

    Current Search URL:
    /cgi/search.cgi?zoom_sort=0&zoom_query=*trimmers*&zoom_ xml=1&zoom_page=1&zoom_per_page=10&zoom_cat[]=0&zoom_and=0


    I have also tried:

    This seems more with synonyms not working when using wildcards. When searching I want to return any words containing the word searched for.

    Is this supported that synonyms can be made for wild card searches of one another?
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    For the example above you should not need to use synonyms.

    The variation between trimmers & trimmer should be picked up automatically by the stemming function and treated as the same word. Can you check if you have stemming turned on in the "languages" configuration window.

    You can't have wild cards in
    synonyms (but again, you shouldn't need them in this case).


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      That didn't seem to be the case. Even after synonyming the 2 together, searching for the plural variation with wildcards didn't bring back any of the singular. I'm guessing its because they were all missing the "s"?


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        I just tested this and could not reproduce the behaviour.

        As noted above, try the following:

        (1) REMOVE all your synonym entries related to "trimmers" and "trimmer". As noted, this is not necessary.

        (2) Make sure STEMMING is enabled, under "Configure"->"Languages"->"Enable stemming...". Make sure "English" is selected for the stemming language.

        (3) Re-index and re-upload your index files. Searching for "trimmer" and "trimmers" should be the same.

        If you still have trouble, e-mail us your .zcfg configuration file and we'll take a closer look.
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