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synonym words automatically on "skip word list"

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  • synonym words automatically on "skip word list"

    I’m running version 6.0 build 1028, and I notice that when I search for a word in my synonym list search always replies that the word is in the “skip word list” (even though it is not).

    For example, I have a synonym of Michael equates to “Mike”. When I search for Michael I see:

    The following word(s) are in the skip word list and have been omitted from your search: "michael"

    Is this a setting I'm missing?

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    It wouldn't be that the word in question is also in the skip list?

    Maybe you can E-mail us your configuration file.


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      No - I confirmed the skip word list is still the default words only.


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        I still have this issue - and it's been a few weeks. Any update?
        I sent you my config file - did you find anything there?


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          Sorry we missed this thread. I presume you didn't email us your configuration file as suggested above?

          I would guess that the "Word" you made the Synonym to did not actually appear in the content indexed. Note that the distinction between the fields are important in the window you entered the synonym, as described in the Users Guide:

          A synonym definition has two fields:

          1.Word: This is the word that the synonyms will be mapped to. It must be a word that actually appears in the content of your website.

          2.Synonyms: This is a list of words separated by commas that will be considered equivalent to the indexed word. When a user searches for any of these words, they will get the same search results as if they searched for the indexed word. All occurrences of the words in this synonym list will also appear as a search result when you search for the indexed word.
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            I am using it correctly - this worked in earlier version of Zoom search. Also, I emailed my config to you almost a month ago! Still waiting....


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              As far as I can see we didn't get any E-mail from the E-mail address you are using in the forums here.

              So can you send the file again. Also can you post the URL of your search function where we can see the problem.


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                I am getting the same issue with Version 8 Bulid 1015. There are 102 entries in the Synonyms and I've checked for any strange characters using Notepad++. Not all entries go to 'Skip Words List' for example:

                3801=ANP3801Skip words list
                4104=ANP4104 Works
                4112=ANP4112 Skip words list
                4114=ANP4114 Works

                I have confirmed that ANP4112 does exist in the content of the site.
                ???3801 works
                *3801 works

                I have no entries likely to affect it in my skip words list. I tried to attach a zcfg, but these are blocked.


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                  Can you E-mail us your configuration file. Then we can take a look.