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Categories not working by default

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  • Ray
    V6 is no longer supported, but you should make sure you are using at least the final V6 release as can be found here.

    I don't recall categories being broken by default in the final V6 release. You may want to also confirm if your search.php has been modified, or based on an earlier build.

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  • slme777
    started a topic Categories not working by default

    Categories not working by default


    I have noticed with Version 6, category results are not working by default. A workaround was to update URL from zoom_cat%5B%5D=1 to zoom_cat=1

    I have updated search.php file to make the above mentioned change. Has there been any patches for it or am I not supposed to change the URL as above?

    It becomes complex when searching in multiple categories. Even though I provide URL as zoom_cat=1&zoom_cat=2 ,multiple categories never work and just display Category 1 results only.

    Please let me know if this is a known issue.