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Result Duplicate Problem

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  • Result Duplicate Problem

    hi~i have a problem of duplicate linkage after search
    i found that if the "f" letter of "Forum" in different would be 2 linkage of the result..
    Is that normal or some kind of bug?
    Any setting i need to set?
    im using v6 1010

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    This is not a bug.

    Upper and lower case differences are technically different URLs. Your Windows web server may return the same page, but there is no way that a client (the spider) or a browser would know that in advance. It can return two different pages (in fact, Linux web servers do).

    You can use the "Duplicate page detection" feature on the "Scan options" panel to avoid this.

    But better yet, would be to fix the links on your website, so that there are no inconsistencies like this when linking to the same page. Other search engine spiders (like Google) would be coming across the page twice and would be filtering them out similarly.

    There are previous forum threads which discussed this, it is worth doing a search before posting:
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