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  • Highlighting, description field

    Hi, a small discrepancy between the php and cgi interfaces for search highlighting in 6v1010 (and the bug fix version that Ray emailed me early this week).

    Using cgi interface

    - Build index around series of pdf files plus .desc files giving title/description/etc metadata

    - Assume some of these files have as their description "Translating Science into Innovation"

    - Perform search for "Translating Science into Innovation" (with quotes, i.e. exact search)

    - Search finds correct files, but highlights phrase *only* in the context section, not in the description line.

    - Perform search for Translating Science into Innovation (without quotes, find all words)

    - Search finds correct files, and this time highlights them in the description line as well as in the the context section

    Rebuild index for php interface

    - Repeat above searches. This time, both the "exact search" and the "find all words" results do highlight the search phrase in the description line as well as in the context section.


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    We have confirmed this behaviour. The problem is due to stemming in the CGI - if you have stemming disabled, it will highlight both the meta description and the context description.

    We'll correct this in the next release (V6.0 build 1011).
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