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Query String Parameters

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  • Query String Parameters

    Earlier we had configured zoom v5 for our dnn website based on the instructions found on the support page. We had insert querystring parameters to the iframe and ran the search absolutely fine.
    Recently we upgraded to zoom v6 and configured ASP.NET almost to work on DNN with the exception of the querystring parameters.

    We had to delete all the parameters except ZOOM_QUERY for smooth running of the main search page and mini search form on our navigation bar.

    The search works perfectly now but the question we have is with the querystring parameters. Why is the search working for only one parameter and not all.

    Also have a funny occurrence of the search form. If there is no text entered in the search box and instead of popping up with an error msg - no query.. , instead the search displays results of various links available on the website.

    The template has been modified only for the css.

    Many thanks in advance for your time,

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    Can you describe or show us what happens when the other QueryString parameters are specified? Is the website online so we can take a look at it?

    Note that the JS form in the original instructions only send the zoom_query parameter. Did you add support for the other parameters correctly? What does the Javascript look like now? (again, it'd help if we can see the site)

    Another thing to do is to make sure you are using the latest build of the ASP.NET Server Control available (and also the correspond latest build of the Indexer to generate the index files). There were some bugs with the ASP.NET's server control handling of the zoom_cat parameter that was fixed.
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      Latest build

      Well thanks for your prompt reply, I went through your website and saw your latest release and apparently one of your fix is the answer I was looking for . Now all it requires is to get it installed and working

      As for the parameters I guess its ok since the search is running fine without any trouble so does the mini search. It was just a nagging thought I had i.e. what was the use of the parameters.