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    I'm using Pro V6 1009 in Javascript. Here's my situation:

    When a user performs a search (from a home page containing the search box) my search results display in a new page which contains a "Refine your search by category" option then it may list 2 or 3 categories. This is great!

    The user then clicks on a "Refine your search by category "A", for example, to view specific search results, but then realizes they want instead to view category "B". So, like most users, they use the browser's Back button to return to the previous page (i.e., to the original search results). However, I'm finding that clicking on the Back button returns the users to the home page containing the search box, where they now have to perform the search over again.

    Is there a way to modify this so that when viewing category A in the scenario above, and users hit the Back button, it returns them to the original complete search results list (and they can then pick category B)? I suppose this is a HTML issue not a search issue.


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    Unfortunately, this is really dependent on the way that browsers handle JavaScripts. It can vary from browser to browser although most behave like the way you describe. We really have no straight-forward control over this. The behaviour you are expecting is more typical of server-side script generated pages, such as PHP, ASP or CGI. And indeed, this is how Zoom behaves for these platforms.
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