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cgi - 500 Internal Server Error

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  • cgi - 500 Internal Server Error

    On Windows XP and depending on the pattern I search for, I get an "cgi - 500". It's not clear why this happens, because it works fine most of the time.

    Is there a way to debug search.cgi on windows XP? Other ways to find out what's going wrong and why?

    Kind regards

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    There is this FAQ about the common CGI problems. But they assume you are trying to install it and I assume it does in fact work correctly some of the time?

    Further I assume you have re-indexed you site and uploaded all the files to ensure the index is not corrupt (messed up index files are the most common reason for a crash of the CGI).

    Also I assume you have not attempted to modify the CGI and are using the latest release?

    After checking the above, the best solution is to zip up all your search files and E-Mail them to us. And also tell us the search word that causes the crash.


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      Also, make sure you are using the latest build available. Do not mix CGI's with index files from different versions or builds.

      You can download the latest build from this page:
      Wrensoft Web Software
      Sydney, Australia
      Zoom Search Engine


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        this error happens with the December version/build of V6. I will download the latest build and retest. Thanks Stefan


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          it works fine with latest downloaded version/build; no further cgi problems so far