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  • zip files/.desc

    Javascript version, 6.0 build 1003

    I have a .zip file I would like only the filename to be indexed. The zip file contains .xml files (no titles in them).

    I have added the .zip extension to the Scan Extensions list and I have configured it to use a .desc file and only index the filename.

    The .desc file is being indexed, but the search result does not display the .desc file information as expected.

    For example:

    My zip file =
    My desc file = (I used Notepad to create)
    The contents in the .desc file look like this:

    <meta name="description" content="Lots of stuff">

    When I perform a search on the search resut says:

    No title
    Terms matched: 1 - Score: 31 - URL: [note this is correct URL, I cleaned it up for posting].

    I have title of page and meta name toggled on in the Search Results layout. I had expected the title and description to display in the search results.

    Any suggestions??? Did I miss a setting?

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    One note: the .desc files are working correctly for other file extensions....just seems to be a problem with the .zip for me


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      We have confirmed that this is a bug in the current release. It is failing to index .DESC files for ZIP files in Spider Mode. There is also a similar problem with indexing .DESC files for a "Binary" file such as EXE.

      It will be fixed for the new release (V6.0 build 100.
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      Sydney, Australia
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        Ok, no problem.

        However, I'm using Javascript, offline mode.....does this make a difference?

        I created an earlier post related to binary files (.jar/.bat extension) could the .desc problem be causing my files to index three times?


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          Download the latest build we just put up (V6.0 build 100 from the following link and let us know if you still have this problem (there were some changes for Offline Mode as well):

          Wrensoft Web Software
          Sydney, Australia
          Zoom Search Engine


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            Great - the new build worked for me! thank you!