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  • 2 Basic Questions

    We are indexing over 14,000 url links from a collection of sites (using Enterprise v6).

    1. Is it possible to append all of the current links with a text file (say add 1,000 more to the 14,000) and have it index ONLY those new links while adding them to the previous index? The information on the existing links will rarely change and it takes way too much time and resources to re-index everything again when it doesn't need to be.

    2. I'm quite sure Zoom gives priority in the search results to the pages that have the most of a particular keyword. That being said, I have urls in the search results that are given a huge preference and make the results very unbalanced (i.e. one site may dominate the first 4 pages of results while other very good links are pushed to page 5,6, or 7, etc.)

    Is there any way to create a better balance in the search results?

    Thanks for any light you can shed on this.

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    1.) Yes. This is known as Incremental Indexing. Download the Users Guide and see chapter 2.10. In particular, chapter 2.10.3, "Add list of new or updated pages" which is exactly what you are asking for.

    2.) Relevance ranking is certainly affected by the occurrences of a word, but it is not the only factor. This page will give you more information on what factors influence ranking, and also how you can adjust the weighting for certain pages or elements of a page to best suit your content:
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      You can also adjust the weighting per start point if you have multiple start points.