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Feature Request: Enhanced Sort Options

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  • Feature Request: Enhanced Sort Options

    It would be very cool if arbitrary values could be assigned to each page by which search results could be sorted. Something like

    <meta name="ZOOMSORTTITLE" content="Page Hits" >
    <meta name="ZOOMSORTVALUE" content="124" >
    <meta name="ZOOMSORTTITLE" content="Popularity" >
    <meta name="ZOOMSORTVALUE" content="3561" >
    <meta name="ZOOMSORTTITLE" content="Price" >
    <meta name="ZOOMSORTVALUE" content="$59.99" >
    So that in addition to date and relevance the option to sort results by "Page Hits," "Popularity" and "Price" -- or other metrics -- would also be available.

    It would be even cooler if there were some way to display these values in our search results, regardless of the sort method selected.


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    This is actually similar to something we have in mind for the next major release (V6).

    We are planning on adding support for user specifiable meta tags, which allow you to add custom meta fields for searching. There will be different data types supported as well so you can specify ranges values for prices etc.

    We haven't considered sorting to be part of this, but we will keep it in mind and see what's possible. Thanks for the suggestion.
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      That would be brilliant!

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        Hi. Just started using the software (version and it's really good!

        As I am using this for an ecommerce site I would very much like to see a sort by price feature added as well. I've checked around various threads and I from what I can see they all end with something like "this is a feature we might add in the future", so I would just like to add my voice to say yes please.