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Zoom Fails to Start CPU 100% - System Mechanic 7 Iolo DMV service problem

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    Originally posted by wrensoft View Post
    As it seems Iolo are not contactable (we didn't have any luck either), forget trying to get a refund from Iolo, just call your credit card company and do a charge back. Tell them the product you ordered is not working and all attempts to contact the company have failed.
    I can't thank you ENOUGH for posting this, and for taking time to attempt follow-ups.

    System Mechanic 7 has "broken" several software apps I use, and even stopped my ability to update Windows (even manually).

    I had originally tried to contact them because SMSystemAnalyzer.exe was crashing once a day since I installed SM 7. I got caught in the email version of "voice mail hell", with no solution offered.

    After I'd submitted a detailed support ticket (and found their online system doesn't work with Firefox), I received a reply stating "after careful review of your issue, we feel you can find the answer in our knowledge base."

    I'd already gone through the KB and found NOTHING. I had taken the time to submit a very detailed support request (I own a hosting company and handle the majority of the support tickets, so I know what details to include!), and they didn't even bother to read it.

    What bothers me the most....for years and years I used v4 and 5 and they ran beautifully. I didn't think twice about installing and PAYING FOR version 7.

    Never again....


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      Originally posted by Opa_Theo View Post
      I'm a fanatic System Mechanic user from the moment that they brought out rel. 4. Switching from rel. 6 to rel. 7 give me a lot of mess and troubles.
      A refund seems to be impossible for clients outside the USA (too much administrative troubles) and emails to their administration and sales department are only answered with an automatic reply (complaint of a lot of users).
      Strange, the more that my problem with PRTG Traffic Grapher, only occurs with every 'even' update and NOT with an 'odd' update. So 7.1.3 and 7.1.5 gave no problem, 7.1.4 and 7.1.6 : problems.
      Same issues here!

      And it's not just users outside the USA who have problems with refunds of the Iolo products...


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        Any improvements?

        I have System Mechanic version 7.5.7 and have not noticed any problems.
        First, is there a way to detect if SM is still up to its tricks?
        Second, does anyone know if Iolo has corrected these problems in 7.5.7?


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          Iolo System Mechanic -- YUCK!

          I have had several programs fail since
          installing System Mechanic, most important,
          Bit Torrent.

          I try to upload their update; after uploading 5-10%
          and a few hours, the upload closes itself down.

          Technical support, yuck again. They invited me 5 days ago
          to send a system snapshot, which I did. Never acknowledged,
          even with 2 reminders from me.



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            I am not as computer savvy as I would like to be, I used SM for a few months as a part of a "broadband essentials" package which also included Macafee antivirus, which was offered to me when I started with Comcast Cable and Internet. It would defrag harddrive even when it reported only 13% fragmented on almost every windows startup. I would run it, it would "fix" problems, ask for a restart and after restart I would run it again and it would find more problems and ask for another restart. Windows restarts became slower than ever and my computer would reach a limping state just after watching one movie on Netflix Instant. I posted a seething post about them (SM) on a forum post when the google search is "Iolo system mechanic complaints". I have uninstalled the SM software (not the macafee software.... yet) and my computer is now acting like it did when it needed a repair and I dont have the repair tool anymore. I saw where people had said that after removal it still eaves something on the computer (I guess which is causing my current miserable performance) but I did not see it anywhere in add/remove in the control panel. Can anyone help advise if there is a better product or just how to bring my computer BACK to its OLD SLOW RUNNING self BEFORE the mechanic was installed? I have toshiba satellite running windows xp that my boss gave me for company use and am scared it going to stop working all together on my next restart.

            Thank you ALL for this forum post. It took me forever to find it amidst a lot of SM praise company propaganda sites.


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              This is the support forum for the Zoom Search software. It isn't really intended to provide the customer support that System Mechanic isn't providing.

              But for what is worth.
              - There is nothing essentials about the "Broadband essentials" package you have been recomended.
              - There is no need for 3rd party defrag software with Windows.
              - I would backup my data and reformat my PC and do a clean O/S install to return it to a new state. This will be quicker and cheaper than hoping a tool will fix it.
              - Once back to a clean state. Install the minimum amount of software. (why did you install System Mechanic in the first place?)