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500 Cannot exec CGI

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  • 500 Cannot exec CGI

    I have an application which uses Zoom to generate a Flying Ant served web site, but each time I attempt to search the generated site, Flying Ant responds with a '500 Cannot exec CGI' message.

    Running 6-0-1023 of Zoom and build 1007 of Flying Ant.

    I even get this same behaviour when I download the example Flying Ant site.

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    FlyingAnt is cross platform. What O/S is this on?

    Just to be clear, when you refer to the example, you are referring to the framework example, on this page?


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      Running on Windows XP, and yes I am referring to that example.

      Problem seems to occur all the time when serving from a generated site on disk, but intermittently when serving from a site cut to CD


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        We could not reproduce the problem. Just tested using Windows XP SP2.

        Please check the following:
        - When you say you used the example, I presume you used the Search files and index as given, and you did not replace them with your own search files generated by Zoom. It's hard to imagine how this could fail.
        - Please tell us if you are running Windows on, say, a Mac running bootcamp or in a virtual environment.
        - Can you provide some screenshots? Make sure to include the URL and the full browser window.
        - Do you have any security applications running, which might be blocking execution. Anti-virus software may also interfere. Try temporarily disabling them.
        - Do you have DEP (Data Execution Protection) enabled for all programs in XP? Even though our testing indicated this didn't cause any problem, it may be interesting to note.
        - Note that the search box itself is generated (by default) from the CGI. So I presume this is working. And only when you submit a search query that it returns error 500? Have you tried different queries?

        If the search files are your own, then there are other things to look at, such as the possibility of a corrupt set of index files, and those mentioned here:
        Q. I get a "500 Internal Server Error" message when running the CGI.
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