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Flying Ant: Customising the Demo Download

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  • Flying Ant: Customising the Demo Download

    Hello Everyone,

    I've taken a copy of the demo framework, changed one line of index.html and burned it. The disk works as advertised except that my change is not present. All I did was change the title to "Hello" from "FlyingAnt Server Example Index". This change *is* in the copy of index.html on the disk but when the disk autoruns and I am shown what is supposed to be index.html, the browser gives the page title as "FlyingAnt ..." and if I look at the source then "FlyingAnt ..." is in the <title>.

    What's going on here please?


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    Try clearing your browser cache. Internet Explorer in particular, can be quite stubborn with its cache.

    Another possibility is you may have a previous instance of FlyingAnt still running and it wasn't shut down (via the Exit URL link if you are running it off your hard disk). Check Task Manager to be sure. It should automatically quit if you are running it from a CD and you eject the disc.
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      Excellent - it was the latter. Thanks very much. Now I just need to think of something to do with the 16 coasters I made