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404 when using from a file system share

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  • 404 when using from a file system share

    While testing our website we installed the CD content
    on a windows file server.
    We access the Start Windows.exe via DSN
    (\\\share) or Letter (R:\).
    FlyingAnt starts but produces occasional 404 on
    start url.
    File share letter works better than DSN.
    Starting directly from Server\Win32\flyingAnt.exe
    does not always help.
    Any experience with this phenomenon?

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    Not sure what you mean by DSN. Did you mean UNC?

    Also not entirely sure why you want to run the FlyingAnt Server across a local network. Is this just for testing purposes?

    There may be issues with anti-virus/security programs that you have running, or it may be something to do with OS permissions that is preventing software from executing across the network. Check the Task Manager in Windows to see if "FlyingAnt.exe" is executed or if it is terminated by something else (or it is never executed).
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      - yes, I mean UNC
      - yes, testing purposes
      - yes, FlyingAnt starts: It produces the 404

      There are no complaints from AV- or Firewall-Software.


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        How occasional is occasional? Is there any pattern, does this only happen on the home page?

        complaints from AV- or Firewall-Software
        I wouldn't expect it to complain. But it might still be blocking the activity. Can you try this on a machine without any AV / Firewall.

        Might also be an issue with the CD media itself, or the CD drive. Did you try it on a different machine?