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  • Display Directory Structure on Search Page

    I am looking to use Zoom and FlyingAnt to create searchable CD/DVDs that contain PDF files that I have scanned and OCRed. On the main search page I would like to provide a view of the directories containing the PDFs that users could browse.

    If it's not possible to provide this , a link that launches an explorer view of the directories would be useful.

    I would certainly appreciate if anyone could let me know if this is possible, and point me in the right direction to learn how to do it..



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    FlyingAnt will serve a directory listing if you link to a folder without a filename (and provided there's no "index.html" file). The behaviour is configurable within FlyingAnt. See the "list_directories" option on the Support page. It should be on by default.

    I'm not quite sure how you are expecting to integrate directory browsing into a search page (what happens when they click on a folder? do you expect to leave the search page or stay? I suppose you could do the latter with frames). But it's certainly something you can use I think.
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      Thanks for the info Ray.

      I'll give it a try using frames.