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Will zoom indexing follow links in a Word document?

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  • Will zoom indexing follow links in a Word document?

    We have been using Zoom for quite a while for indexing our intranet.
    Recently users have started creating index documents in Word, these contain a list of links to other word documents.
    Zoom doesn't seem to be following the links in the index documents, is this the expected behaviour or is there some option I need to use to get Zoom to follow the links?
    The links are absolute http links but to the same site as we are indexing.

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    The text content of Word documents are indexed.
    But after extracting the text from a Word document, it is processed as text, not HTML.
    So Word documents are not expected to be used as web site navigation.

    If you make a similar page as HTML it should be fine. Word also has an option to save a file as HTML. So just saving it as HTML would also solve the issue.