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Feature request in broad numeric matching

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  • Feature request in broad numeric matching

    In very big numbers for easy reading it is common to divide the digits in groups (of three, typically) with a delimiter, which can be a space, comma, hyphen etc.
    What is missing in Zoom, is support for a space as a delimiter. Space is recommended in many international standards, institutions and associations. This (SI style) is already commonly used in dozens of countries /languages (not to list in here). The same practice in grouping of numbers applies also on phone numbers.

    When space is used as a delimiter, it can be a normal space, thin space or a non-breaking space (nbsp). Nbsp is recommended, when available. This prevents line break in the middle of a long number. Nbsp is available at least in html, .doc and .rtf files. Example (ten million) in SI style: 10 000 000.​

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    At the moment, if you are using a regular space character, then 10 000 000, would be indexed as three sperate words (and two unique words).
    000 (2 instances).

    Searching in the same format (with spaces) will give a hit. But searching in a different format (e.g. with a comma separator, or no separator) will not give a hit.
    Comma separator (and European dot separator) is handled better and you can search with different styles and get a match.

    So yes, it could be better.

    We'll make a note of the request. If we get a few people asking for it we can take a look at it.