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Searching for Figures or Tables

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  • Searching for Figures or Tables

    Is there a way to search in a limited context?

    We label all images as a figure e.g:

    Figure 3.13: Typical Structural Members of a Vehicle

    A search for All Words | Figure structural vehicle | returns over 1000 hits, is it possible to restrict to a single line that must have all results or another way to refine the search to just figures or tables by their heading?

    I've tried various combinations using ? and * wildcards but restricting to close proximity is the best option if it is available.

    Edit: I have reviewed previous posts on 'proximity' and the weightings word position is set to strong. I suspect I'm out of luck, but asking anyway
    Last edited by Greg; Jul-12-2022, 07:39 AM.

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    There is no way to just limit the search to image figure text.


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      Presumably something close could be achieved by injected a special Zoom meta tag upon creation of the source file, assuming the source file in this case, an image, is directly accessible by Zoom for indexing, as in static HTML web sites?


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        Thanks for the replies, I thought that might be the case but if you don't ask the question the answer is always 'no'!