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Specifying category per file with "ZOOMCATEGORY" tag with multiple values in string

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  • Specifying category per file with "ZOOMCATEGORY" tag with multiple values in string

    My understanding of the feature, as documented in the following excerpt from the help system:
    Specifying category per file

    For files which have no easy way to be categorized by a pattern in the filename or URL, you can specify a category for these files on a file-by-file basis. You do this by adding a ZOOMCATEGORY meta tag within your file, like so:

    <meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY" content="News">

    Specifying the name of the category in the content part of the meta tag. This above example will categorize the file in the "News" category (overriding the URL/filename matching method).

    You can specify multiple ZOOMCATEGORY tags within the same file if you wish to have the page belonging to more than one category. For example:

    <meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY" content="News">

    <meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY" content="Old website arc hive">

    is that you cannot declare a category in just one tag using a separator character, for example: <meta name="ZOOMCATEGORY" content="News,Old website archive,etc.">

    Can you confirm?

    We are planning a change in our workflow which would use HTML publishing templates with a unique placeholder variable for the "ZOOMCATEGORY" tag value. Upon publication, this would resolve to one or more categories, which we would like Zoom search to categorize in the results display. We have not tested this, yet, however.

    How does Zoom handle such a value currently? Would it use just the first value? Would it break the categories feature?

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    You need to specify multiple ZOOMCATEGORY meta tags if you want the page to belong to multiple categories, as per the example in the Help system.

    It does not support multiple category names separated by comma. This will simply fail to match a category named "News, Old website archive, etc.".
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      Thanks for the clarification.


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        My understanding of documentation for this feature is that indexing of the meta tag ZOOMCATEGORY is automatic if the tag is present in the HTML code, and that ZOOMCATEGORY need not --or perhaps must not-- be declared as a custom meta field in Zoom configurations.
        Is that correct?


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          Categories need to be pre-declared in the category section.

          But they should not also be declared as custom meta fields.