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Zoom Search Engine V8 Issues in Wordpress Site

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  • Zoom Search Engine V8 Issues in Wordpress Site

    Issue 1 - V8 no longer indexes all of my Wordpress website files. I have a datatable lists linking to hundreds of PDF documents external to the Wordpress site. V8 appears to index the first page of datatable links, but that is all. V8 only indexes one level of URLs on the target pages.

    Issue 2 - My customized search results no longer load from V8 in the Wordpress site.

    Has anyone else experienced one or both of these issues? Any solutions?


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    Can you post a link to an example page with the database list of PDF files.
    It might be that the links to the other pages aren't plain HTML, but some funky Ajax control. (e.g. the 2nd page of links doesn't exist until the user interacts with the page)

    For issue 2. I assume it worked up until recently. What changed on your site that caused it not to work?


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      For issue 1: I have attached a link to the site's Board of Trustees Minutes files. The indexer no longer scans the PDF files outside of the WP directory and reports:
      01|07/03/21 11:21:59|Skipping (External site - does not match base URL)

      For issue 2: The site was moved from a shared server account to an individual server account, but the Zoom indexer failed before that time. The issues seemed to appear when I upgraded to V8.


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        I found a workaround to Issue 1 - I created start points in the indexer pointing to folders/files internal to the site's server structure and the indexer performed as expected.

        For Issue 2, I created a customized Zoom Search and Results page. It does not have the look and feel of the Wordpress website, but it provides adequate search capabilities.



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          OK, glad you sorted it out.