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Forum closed to new users - Sorry

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  • Forum closed to new users - Sorry

    Everyday we have been getting 20 to 40 new registration on this support forum.
    From the last ~200 new registrations there was one possibly legitimate user. All the rest are spam. It takes time to filter and verify them all. Plus their spamming techniques have been getting better e.g. re-posting slight variations of past legitimate posts, the use of automated tools, CAPTCHA farms, hidden text & editing of old posts to insert spam.

    This is partially being driven by the fact that for the last 10 years this forum has been listed as one of the top 100 places on the whole Internet to post spam. This was probably driven by the limited number of options 20 years ago, when this forum was created, and the popularity of the site at the time (we've always been very highly ranked by Google).

    These lists are marketed as 'Top 100 places to get back links', etc.. They are of course garbage as all the significant sites on these 'places to spam' lists are heavily filtered, like ours is. But there are thousands of versions of the same list and we are on many of them. We can never get removed from them all.

    Over the years we've probably blocked nearly a million spam user accounts.

    So as 99.5% of the new users and posts are spam, we have decided to make forums read only (this also include the old Wrensoft forums)

    No new registrations will be accepted to this forum. Instead you should contact support if you need assistance with the Zoom software.