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    Is there a way to delay Zoom from indexing the page until the page is fully loaded? I am trying to index a Wordpress site with the wpDataTalble plugin in spider mode. It does a great job but some of the tables take a few seconds to load. The data gets missed because Zoom indexes too quickly. I tried changing the throttling speed and the optimization limits but it did not work. Thanks

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    The question doesn't really make sense.
    Zoom downloads a whole HTML page then indexes it. It never downloads half the page, or starts indexing before all the page arrives. So there is no possibility of it being too fast.

    What might be happening is that your page isn't a plain HTML page, but generated by AJAX & Javascript. Meaning some Javascipt needs to execute in the browser before the page is fully rendered. Or maybe some human interaction is required to load the full page (e.g. click on a "more results" button at the bottom of the table to load the full table). Depending on the page there might be solutions for this, like the server detecting the browser type, and sending the full page without AJAX. Really depends on the page.


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      I've recoded a quick example. This is an intranet. When we view the page it just takes longer for the tables to appear on the page. You'll see the circle appear while the table loads. Since it's a plugin to Wordpress I'm not sure how it renders. Nothing the user has to do. Zoom is not able to index the information in the table in spider mode since it takes a few seconds for the table to appear. I know it's indexing some information on the page. I can see it in the log and have search for information on the page. Searches do yield information on the page just not information in the tables. Thanks


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        That link isn't public. So we can't view whatever file it links to.


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          Sorry. It doesn't like the link so I'll paste it here,


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            Video shows the page loading in two stages. If you watch the scroll page on the page, the initial page loads, then after maybe 1 second, there is another request to the server for more data and the page gets appended to. This is typical AJAX behavior. This is NOT a timing issue. If you browse the page in Chrome or any other browser with Javascript turned off (and thus AJAX off) then the 2nd part of the page will never load.

            We don't know anything about wpDataTalble, but there is likely a way to get the full table to be on the initial page load (without having a progressive load via Javascript)


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              Thanks. I'll continue working on it.