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Replacing text errors

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  • Replacing text errors

    Our web software had a glitch and sometimes encoded characters incorrectly. When we index the files we get numerous �'s. We have since corrected the problem. But there are over 250 issues of the magazine in the archives and it would an enormous task to go back issue by issue. In a prior version of Zoom, we were able to find and replace these in both the titles and descriptions zdats. But there was no increment process available. With V8, our hope was that we could do this once and simply increment new issues month by month. However in V8, there is only one text file available, pagedata.zdat and it's labelled with a strong warning against editing the file, and we respect that warning. Is there any other solution?. .

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    You should be able to do a global search and replace on the bad characters on the web pages.
    Should only take a couple of minutes, even for 1000s of pages.

    Do you have an example of a bad page we can look at.