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How to Install Zoom Help File?

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  • How to Install Zoom Help File?

    When I click the "Help" button on any of the pages of the Zoom Search Engine Indexer 64 bit - Professional Edition user interface, I get "Zoom - could not open help. The specified file was not found." How can I fix this?

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    P.S. Somehow, this function has "healed". Clicking the "Help" button does not open the help to an appropriate topic, as I would expect, but it at least opens the help "Introdution" page. Go figure !?


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      I am having this problem again with Version 8.0 (Build: 1016). When I invoke "Help" (whether by pressing F1, picking the first item in the "Help" menu or by clicking the"Help" button on the "Skip options" page) I get a popup dialog with the title "Zoom - could not open help." and the text "The specified file was not found." How can I fix this?

      P.S. Uninstalling build 1016 and installing build 1014 has fixed the problem, even though the logfiles still identify the running version as build 1016.
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        Help file in V8.0 build 1016 seems fine.
        You can run the ZoomHelp.exe program to open the help file.

        Typically this file is here
        C:\Program Files\Zoom Search Engine 8.0\ZoomHelp.exe

        User's Guide as a PDF (Windows version) is also available here