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Sorry one more v7 question

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  • Sorry one more v7 question

    Hi there,

    We need to upgrade a site to php v8.1 (from 7.3) and that site is still running w/ v7 of the Zoom Search engine.
    The SERP crashes on the search.php script due to some deprecated elements in there when running on the newer php 8.1. This particular implementation of Zoom is not super customized so I am just wondering if it would be the most efficient approach to just use the newer version of Zoom as opposed to trying to trouble shoot the php code so that it works in 8.1.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    The current release of Zoom Search (V8 build 1019) is compatible with PHP8.

    Older versions (V5, V6 and V7) probably aren't compatible with PHP8 as there was never any testing done.

    So you can upgrade to the current software.
    Or you can work through the search.php code yourself and fix the script so that it doesn't use the stuff that PHP deprecated over the last few years (but we already did this as part of the Zoom V8 release).


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      Thank you for your reply David,

      Yes, I figured those were the two options, I'm just trying to evaluate which would be the more efficient approach.
      Maybe I'll invest half an hour so in trying to remove the deprecated elements from the old script so that I don't have to start over with the newer Zoom version.
      If that takes too long then I'll take the plunge and use the more recent release.