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FTP Upload Error on Large Index Files

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  • David
    They are big files.
    Sounds like an overflow of a 32bit integer value (these go negative after reaching the 2GB level).

    We aren't aware of any problem in V8, and if there was we would get it fixed.

    You can also use any external 3rd party FTP program to upload the files.

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  • Edc
    started a topic FTP Upload Error on Large Index Files

    FTP Upload Error on Large Index Files

    Using Zoom v7.1 Build 1008 -64bit enterprise edition (with offline indexing) with automatic ftp uploads.
    The indexer uploads 5 of the 7 index files and then stops with a ftp upload error, aborting the upload of the 2 remaining files.
    The 5th file, zoom_pagetext.zdat, is about 3.5gb and is uploaded successfully but immediately after this file is uploaded the ftp error occurs.
    When the 2 aborted files are uploaded manually our searches work as expected.

    During the upload of the 3.5gb file, the total bytes to send is shown as "-762961486".
    The "sent" bytes counts up to some number (I checked it around 200000000) and at some point begins counting down, finishing at -762961486.
    The actual file size is 3532005810 bytes.

    I have tried uploading several times and the failure is consistent.

    I have seen similar problems reported in your forum for older versions. Is this still a problem?