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Option: Have Search Results Highlight Metavalue Output & Display More In-page Context

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  • Option: Have Search Results Highlight Metavalue Output & Display More In-page Context

    I have what basically are "tags" which are generated by other software. I am using Custom Meta Fields to have Zoom pickup each of these Tags (there will always be multiple Tags per-page in this section of the site). The Custom Meta is configured as Multi-select. And I'm also outputting text-based versions of these values in-page that the user can see.

    When the user searches for the text of one of these "tags" (eg, zoom_query=Tag1) the Zoom search results end up duplicating the text output because there is the "result_metavalue_TAGS" output, plus the visible in-page output. I realize that not every Zoom customer will choose to display the result_metavalue_ content (ie, they might hide it via CSS). But it would be nice if there were an option in the config to have the search results give priority to highlighting the search term in the result_metavalue_ content and then be able to display more in-page content. Currently, I lose a fair bit of useful in-page context in the search results because the Tag list is displayed (with the appropriate tag text highlighted), when I already have the Tag list displayed above that in the result_metavalue_TAGS area of the search result.

    Ironically, if I wrap the text output of the in-page Tags in <!--ZOOMSTOP--><!--ZOOMRESTART--> Zoom still displays and highlights the excluded text from in-page Tags text (and does not highlight the Tag in the result_metavalue_TAGS output), but it actually displays less of the additional in-page context than before (so I basically end up with search results that are result_metavalue_TAGS and then a repeat of that Tag data by displaying the text Tag data from the page, with even less surrounding context). So the results are even less useful than before.

    If there's a better/different way for me to go about this I'd welcome that feedback. Otherwise, it would be awesome to have a feature improvement like I'm describing above.

    Thanks for considering my request!