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  • Spelling Suggestion Length

    Is there a limit to the spelling suggestion returned? Such as a character limit? Reason I'm asking is that our client did a search using part of the pages URL. Nothing was found and the suggested spelling provided some options. However the last option was truncated and clicking the link results in no pages being found.

    Their search term was "-myeloma-improving-treatment-through" which resulted in the following spelling suggestions:

    "Did you mean: myeloma or Myeloma or -myeloma-improving-treatment-throu?"

    So not sure where this value came from.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Spelling suggestions come from the words indexed. There is a limit on word length to 35 characters (see section 8.5 "Technical limitations" in the Users Guide) in V6.

    In V7, you can configure the max. word length under "Configure"->"Limits".

    That entry may have come from a URL, if we are indexing the URLs. Or a page content containing the URL link as text.

    Note also that a search query starting with the character "-" will be treated as an exclusion search.
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      Thanks for the information. Yes, this was a URL string, so what we are seeing makes sense.