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Include file for indexing but exclude from results

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  • Include file for indexing but exclude from results

    Good day,

    I have a Script page used for indexing of a database. The output of the page is a list of links to content. When I index it works perfectly and the search result works as it is supposed to.

    The problem is that my Script page itself is included in the search result. Is there a way of excluding this page from the results page?

    The Script is located in a sub folder of the site being indexed and forms only a portion of the information being indexed.


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    If it is a added as a start spider point, then from within the indexer (Configure->Start Options). Click "More" button next to "Start spider from this URL". Select the starting point and click "Edit". Then choose "Follow links only".

    Or you can do so using a robots.txt file or meta tag. For more information on the "robots.txt" file format, please refer to online resources such as
    When this option is enabled (Configure->Spider Options, Advanced spider mode options), Zoom will also support the "robots" meta tag for "noindex" and "nofollow". This allows you to specify certain pages to be excluded from indexing by simply adding a tag such as the following within the page head:

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex">