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Registration Key not working

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  • Registration Key not working

    I have version 6 of zoomsearch and had to uninstall because of an upgrade to Windows7. Now I am trying to reinstall 6 and use my registration key and it is not working. It is stating the key is invalid. Can you tell me why my key may be coming back as invalid?


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    The most common issue we've seen with licensing is that the user is using the wrong version. License keys will only work for the version they are issued for. V6 keys will only work in V6. Can you check to make sure you have V6 installed.

    You can still find V6 for download on our download page.


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      I think I will have to contact the phone number for support - as this is a rather urgent request since we have a delivery/release schedule to meet. We have 3 active users for this license and we all recently all got upgraded to Windows7. I am wondering if the number of registered licenses was thought to be exceeded, but not all of us have it currently installed? I am using the V6 registration key from V6 and it is not working, several of us have tried it, and tried to match the Help recommendations (this is directly copied from the key I was given - Zoom Search Engine V6 Enterprise License Key):

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        As answered through email. The license key you provided in your post (now removed) and via email is in the incorrect format. The license key should be on multiple lines. I have tested your key and it is valid. As long as you do not have more installs than licenses, you will be within the licensing terms.


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          Thank you! And sorry about the license key in the thread, I came back on to remove it after I thought about it, but see you already took care of it. Thanks again.